Heart's Delight

The town of Heart’s Delight-Islington is a rural outport community located on the south side of Trinity Bay along route 80. The town has flourished into one of the most beautiful on the Trinity South Shore. The outline of the community rests quietly beneath forest clad hills.
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Heart's Delight, NF |

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Heart's Delight, NF | (709) 588-2026

Secluded coastal Newfoundland meets pure luxury. Our Heart’s Delight cottages are 4&1/2 star, beautifully situated and fully...

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Heart's Delight, NF | (709) 588-7000

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Heart's Delight, NF | (647) 284-3696

Deliberately, this waterfront home is in keeping with traditional outport decor. Handmade dressers and washstands, linoleum floor...

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